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The Sunny D

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Princess and the Birdmonger...a Modern Day Fairytale

There was once a beautiful princess who lived in a quaint cottage that was neither too large nor too small. It was just right.

Well, I the narrator regress...the beautiful princess was very, very beautiful when computer generated filters smoothed her skin and imperfections. Otherwise, she was a princess who tried but in truth she was tired from working day and night like her dear friend Cinderella. She had a few wrinkles and some saggy skin and  a some weight that loved her middle like she loved diet cokes and warm cookies.

Life had at times been very kind to her and at others, like right now, had cursed her with a sore curse of never ending diarrhea also called C. Diff or a parasite. The healer in the kingdom was not sure yet and conducting all kinds of tests to get some answers for our modern day princess.

She was loved by all the children in the land. Okay, by most of the children in the land except a few..she was sure. The children who did not like to be redirected she imagined did not love her at times, but 96.9874% of the kingdoms child population loved our modern day princess.

The princess loved her cottage. It was warm and safe. She read books by the window and sang while she baked by the hearth. She would walk through the woods around her cottage and enjoy the garden and the smell of the towns baker Joe's Farm Grill wafting through the woods. She picked beautiful flowers in the field called Trader Joe's for her table and she loved her house to smell delicious. She found her favorite potion Midnight Blue Citrus at the local Bath and Body Works Apothecary. The cottage was a happy place to be in fact it was where she and her two fairies rested from all the wicked evil queens, Gremlins, and sorcerers of the world.

There were an awful lot of Gremlins in the world at this time. You know the type that sneak into your home through your magical mirror computer and are friendly but if they disagree with you at ALL.......it's like you spilled water on them! However, modern day Gremlins have multiplied immensely and they never seem to go away they just reappear on the princesses magical mirror continually arguing and it is very exhausting at times for the princess that she must just shut down the magical mirror computer for a break.

Now fairies don't always have to be girls. She had a boy and a girl fairy that resided with her in the cottage. It was a little like her friend Snow White at times. Her fairies were generally happy and helpful but sometimes grumpy, lazy, and moody, and the male....he was starving all the time. They were mostly delightful and loved to be involved in all of the princesses magical plans.

The princess worked very hard for her life to make it happy. It was not an easy task. There was a lot to do and at times her cottage fell into a bit of mismash and disarray. She often worked and worked and worked and didn't notice a lot of goings on around her, but one day she looked over the hedge and noticed some sparrows that she loved so much singing away.

For behind the hedge lived a Birdmongering Enchantress. The birdmongerer invited and fed all of the birds in the land into her garden over the hedge. Which was lovely, until it wasn't. Everyday the birds were fed and then they told their friends about the all you can eat buffet and their friends told their friends about the new Golden Corral that had just opened up. Soon flocks of birds were in the enchantresses yard. However, as much as the princess loves birds she does not love a certain type of bird. For in all kingdoms there are two forces at play good and evil, even the bird kingdom. The most evil of all birds is of course the pigeon. First of all, they creep out the princess and second of all they are like the Goliath of field birds. Goliath birds have Goliath poo. This did not please the princess. AT ALL. They also like to take up residence in the princesses lovely little cottage all the while pooping great big globs of poop piles below where they have decided to roost.

There was only one thing to do. The princess needed to talk to the Birdmongering Enchantress. BM for short. She did what every princess does...she sent over THE QUEEN. Yes, her Mother who all the inhabitants bow down to and has a very regal sort of presence. The Queen went over and knocked on BM's door. The Enchantress did not even come out! In all fairytales doesn't the Enchantress show herself and make a deal? Not in this modern day fairytale. Nope.

Meanwhile, nests began to form in the princess' roof and giant poops and feathers were everywhere including caking the Enchantress' front porch and all of the neighboring homes. It had to be some sort of city code violation or something. But alas, there was nothing to be done!!!!

NO. That is not true! There is always something to be done! And so.

The princess did what she had always done.

She came to her own rescue.

Where was the prince? Dashing and handsome and wielding a Scottish, English, Irish, French, OR Spanish, accent?? Because she wasn't picky..really her best quality.

No. He was nowhere to be found!!! Plus if some prince showed up she'd probably push him off of his horse anyway and tell him to get out of her way.

She was fretting. Throwing rocks at the nesting pigeons was doing nothing. They only looked at her menacingly. Like this.

These germy, cooey, pooping, nesting, annoying birds must be banished from the cottage and it made the princess' blood boil. 

And then she realized she had forgotten the most important character in all of the best stories. Her Fairy Godmother. She called her name, Amazon and she appeared. Amazon had solutions in hand. The first being...a blow dart gun. It was delivered in 24 hours in prime time. The fairies were in charge of this task they tried but blow dart guns are hard to use and they missed. Leaving many lost arrows and several stuck in the roof of the cottage. Where was that handy hunter when you needed him?!?

So. The princess thought and she tried her hand at blowdarting. She was not very good. She then decided to consult Fairy Godmother Amazon again. Who had more answers..an Owl. An owl whose head turns with the sun and is promised to scare away pigeons. In prime time the owl was delivered to her front door. He was the cottages watch tower and protector. Finally.

The owl has done a very good job as sentry protecting the cottage from unwanted guests, ON THE PORCH. The rafters however are teeming with pigeons. Pigeons are like Satan they are unrelenting foes. 

The princess was beside herself and all around her home were droppings and lots and lots of feathers. She felt deep disgust. 

Until. She remembered the sling shot. 

A long forgotten purchase from a distant Mexican Kingdom. The slingshot was found. There were many good rocks all around the cottage and soon war was declared. Unfortunately, because there were no woodsmen, or hunters the princess was not a great marksman and neither were her fairies. It was however enough to frighten the pigeons away. For now.

The owl remains sentinel.

The moral to this tale. Pigeons are annoying and so is the Birdmongering Enchantress and also, If you want something done you have to do it yourself.

XOXO- The Sunny D

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Divine Coincidences

The best of friends from infinity to beyond! 

I do not believe in coincidences. I believe in God and that he has a plan for each of us. I know that my children have been mine long before this Earth. I know that I was so incredibly anxious for them to get here, not just because I was their mother, but I believe long before this world existed we were friends. The very best of friends and there was nothing my spirit wanted more than to have them here close by me on Earth. If you have had to wait for a child because of fertility issues or you have been separated from a loved one by death I think this concept will feel familiar to you. 

This week was a humdinger and my body succumbed to the stress of it. I have been trying to figure out how to not burn the candle at both ends or in my reality the whole candle is on fire, spot fires everywhere. This is the second week in a month that I have run a fever. At least this time I have a five pound weight loss to show for it. I have known since August that I needed to simplify. How though? It was about a month ago I found myself sitting in the Bishops office sobbing. I asked if I could be released from my calling, it had just become too much. I was working everyday of the week and I needed Sunday to be a real day of rest. To be honest I just didn't even want to go to church anymore because I was exhausted. I think if you know me well this might surprise you but the one thing I will always be is truthful. I am human and I struggle especially with exhaustion. Exhaustion is my number one enemy.

I did not have my children this week. They were with their Dad and Sunday came with a happy surprise. Our church time had been moved to 12:30 just for that day. I had a big week ahead with a lot on my plate. So I decided to start Sunday morning outside hiking the San Tan mountains. I didn't hike too far or too long. I listened to conference talks and soaked up the beautiful Sabbath morning. I had parent teacher conferences this week and several children in my class had been weighing on my mind and heart. I needed divine guidance on how I could help THEM the most. Here is the thing...after working in some way or another in the field of teaching I sure know a lot. I have seen a lot. However, I know that there is someone who knows more  than me and I like to ask Him what He thinks. That is exactly what I was doing on this hike. I was thinking about each child and getting direct divine instruction on what I needed to do to BEST help THEM. I am pretty sure Heavenly Father knows exactly what they need way more than I do. Here is the other thing I want to state...do not think for one minute that your child's teacher has not fretted over them at one time or another. After I had thought about each one, I knew exactly what it was I needed to do to help them, individually. 

I was also thinking about my children and what I could do to help them. What did they need from me? Living during this season of time is hard for children, heck it is hard for adults! Everything imaginable is available to us at our finger tips, video games and cell phones lull our sensitivities to sleep. We are never bored our feelings and abilities to work through problems are replaced by mind numbing activities. It is not easy! Or maybe it is too easy? I had listened to a podcast that talked about a man whose son was struggling with drugs. The family had done everything they could to help their son but he ended up living on the street choosing drugs. Then the story unfolded that the dads father and the sons grandfather who had passed away came to the dad in a dream and told him that he was coming to help the son. In a miracle this grandfather did just that from Heaven and the son got off drugs. Now, my son and daughter are not on drugs and they have normal teenage problems, but I fear for them and all of the things that surround them that they are exposed to at such a young age. I cannot be everywhere at once and protect them from all of the things! Plus, I want them to be strong enough to protect themselves but the pressure I feel is immense to protect my babes. Especially as a single Mom. ESPECIALLY. It was here on this walk that in my head I said, "Why can't my Grandpa come and help MY son?" He has passed on and I know he is one of my Ministering Angels. Without one doubt. However an impression came to me loud and clear, let me clarify, not loud and clear but piercing and clear. In my head and heart I was told, "You are Aydan's ministering angel." So I asked...what is it I am to do Heavenly Father? There are some mountains I am up against with my children. I knew exactly what it was Heavenly Father wanted me to do. I knew exactly what each of my children needed from me. 

My seventh grade basketball team was also in the semi-finals this upcoming week and they had worked so hard this season. You have never seen a team with more heart. Or two coaches who loved them as much as my Dad and I did. I thought about how I could help them. I knew exactly what I was to do. 

I was also to direct the Primary Program this upcoming Sunday. Would the children feel the spirit? Did they learn what they needed to learn this year? 

Then I asked Heavenly Father..WHY AM I IN CHARGE OF SO MANY CHILDREN?!? 

There was no piercing clear answer to that one.. I mean He could have said BECAUSE YOU ARE THE CHILD WHISPERER...but He didn't. 

Why I am in charge of so may children I do not know. Maybe it is because I care enough to ask Heavenly Father what he needs me to do to help them and then I put on my sensible shoes and get to work. So I did all of the things that Father wanted me to do. I spent one on one time with my son and expressed my love for him. I taught and got up early and did not have a break at all during the day. Conferences started just as soon as school let out and then I ran to basketball games until 6:30 on Monday and Wednesday. I talked to and listened and taught parents in the best way I knew how. We problem solved together and children were praised! Tuesday night I came home at 5:30 flopped on my bed and did not wake until 6:00 the next morning! Thursday I had a late night of conferences and then because I had no prep time during the week and prepared for conferences during my lunch hour, I stayed to get this next week prepped. I was SO looking forward to Friday. Ellie and I had a plan to catch a movie after work as for the first time ever I would actually get to leave on time. When, I received a call that Aydan had a terrible skin problem on his arm that needed immediate medical attention. And so. We spent the afternoon evening at Urgent Care and then the pharmacy and then picking up a cousin to have a spend-the-night. It was Friday night when I finally sat down around 8:30 that my guts began to ache and they ached and ached. I have spent the last two days and three nights with a horrible case of the cha-cha-chas. I couldn't even get out of bed on Saturday. I was riddled with fever and aches. I cried the ugly cry as how was I supposed to go to church on Sunday and lead the Primary Program we had been working on all year without pooping my pants?!?! I had vivid mental images of me standing in the middle of the congregation not being able to get out fast enough to the potty down the hall. I couldn't even make it an hour laying in bed without running to the porcelain throne.  My dad came to take Ellie to her soccer game because I could not move. Matt then brought her home but upon hearing I was ill, graciously took the kids so I could rest. I writhed in pain and was tormented over how I was going to lead today. I asked my Dad for a blessing and he came and gave me one. Last night, I threw in the towel on leading and I did what I hate to do. I asked for help. I had to swallow my pride. I had to let go of what church members might be thinking as I was also released today. Did they know I did my best? Did they know that when I said no it was because I physically was doing all I could? It might not have been someone else's best but I went above and beyond my capabilities. I was consistent. I shared my testimony. I taught. I disciplined. I had fun and I played. This morning I woke up in a puddle of sweat my fever had broken but my guts. My guts have been screaming all day and I ran to the potty three times before 8am. I cried. It was supposed to be me today and what am I supposed to learn from being sick and not getting well? 

I did all I could. I ran and ran and ran and ran....... like all long distance runners do until my endurance could not endure anymore and my body gave up and said sit your buns down. Literally. On the pot. 8,000,000,000,000 times. 

And I would do it again for the children I am so lucky to know and love. 

XOXO- The Sunny D

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

My Life is Pretty Good it's Like an Above Ground Pool............You know...it's still a pool.-Dave Chappell

Hectic. A verb describing my life. Dior the subject. Dior's life has been very hectic. Life has been very hectic is the predicate. Is that a meaningful sentence? No. A meaningful sentence tells WHO, WHAT and WHERE it happened. Are the syllables open or closed? Do you know? Do you see any pronouns? Can you regroup when you subtract? More on the floor go next door and get ten more! Your leg hurts? You forgot your spelling book? You didn't get your homework done? Again? We need to make up those tests at recess. Did everyone turn in their library books? Your leg still hurts? Please sanitize your desks everyone we're all sick. Yes. Including me. You're bleeding? A band-aid? Your Mom did what? Please stop picking your nose it will bleed. Everyone pass the papers in. Collectors please pick up the papers. Who is tapping on their desk? Please stop. Listen, Listen. Your nose is bleeding? Is your finger a bit bloody? Ok, go see the nurse. Your Dad said what? FIRE DRILL. Ok everyone get ready to pack up and put your Spelling notebooks in your backpacks. You are the best honey bun. Excellent work. Is this story a Narrative, Informative-Narrative, or an Informative? 

I am going t be 100 with you right now. I picked that dress because you are what you eat and I have had a small but steady diet of Milk Duds for the last few weeks. It is like I can't get enough Milk Duds. You know one here, one there, a box over the course of the week. I can't buy anymore Milk Duds. My dress matches the box, exact color match. Beautiful on the inside and the outside and literally chocolate caramel stuffed. 

I have decided that I am marrying Erik Braa. I just realized this would be a terrible last name for a teacher. You should see what the older kids did with the last name Tidwell. Erik Braa is the voice on the Calm app. He tells nighttime sleep stories that have become my saving grace. His voice is so soothing that I decided I don't even care what he looks like. I will just close my eyes and let him talk me into delicious, stress free, oblivion on some sleep train going to some provincial french town, or the orient express, or the Norwegian Express by the river. I am not ever sure where we end up on these train rides but it doesn't matter because I float away on that train with him talking to me with his calm, manly, voice. Marry me Erik Braa even if I will have the last names Tidwell Braa. I will follow you and your voice wherever you want to go because I sleep like a baby and get to go on an amazing traveling adventure every single night. Can you imagine if that was real? I'd be like........ just talk to me. It might not be a good relationship though because I'd be all stress free and sleepy all the time. Or maybe it would be just the ticket. If you do not have the Calm app...I highly recommend it and my soon to be when we randomly meet some day future hubster Erik. 

Summary of the last few weeks:

sinus infection
teenagers are hard sometimes you adore them and sometimes they make you cry
enter CALM APP
football game
still sinus infection
soccer game
a little fun
primary program practices I want to poke out my eyeballs with dull pencils
soccer practice
STILL sinus infection
teenagers are fun and really hard

XOXO- May your life be like an above ground pool too. A step up from sprinklers, or the plastic pools we all had, but not quite a pool, pool, but stilllll a pool. The Sunny D

Sunday, August 25, 2019


Make a wish.....
I read a meme that the song that was #1 on your fourteenth birthday is the theme for your life. I thought that was so dumb but then of course quickly looked up the most popular song in August 1991. Curiosity always killed this cat. Drum roll please.....the most popular song when I was fourteen was, Bryan Adams, Everything I Do (I Do It for You). 

Then I thought well there's no lover here so...not true. But then I listened to the song. I had to. You know if I apply the lyrics to my children it is true. Everything I do...really is for them. 

I would give it all
I would sacrifice

Don't tell me it's not worth fightin' for 
I can't help it, there's nothin' I want more
You know it's true
Everything I do
I do it for you

So instead of telling you all the things I learned about health, and trying to be a guru when you aren't one, and being tired and then not tired, or teaching, single mothering, churching, coaching, tutoring , being fat and then not fat, this last year I have decided to write a new meme. 

Here is what it says: Whatever the number one song is on your forty-second birthday will be the theme for the second half of your life. 


I'm going to write the song. 

Here it goes straight to number one on the charts. Are you ready for the title? 

It's all going to work out and your magically wealthy, pretty and thin, and your house is never dirty and the laundry is always done and put away. You have a cook who makes all of your healthy organic meals, and your skin is clear and your wrinkles are gone. You have adventures and the sun shines on your shoulders but doesn't give you skin cancer. You get to wear workout leggings to work and flip flops. You enjoy concerts and yummy meals laughing with friends. One fate filled night in November whilst running to get a diet coke you meet the love of your life who is perfect for you in every way and he's funny and has smiley eyes and he doesn't ever give you a hard time about the diet coke you love to drink because he sees how happy a simple pop makes you. You go to Bora Bora with your new love and when you come home raise all of your beautiful teenagish children together. You sing and dance in the kitchen and go on lots of fun adventures. Mostly wherever you can find a smokin' flight deal and you just go for fun and meet the people, learn the culture, go to the museums, and eat all the good food. Your children grow up to be happy and find lovely spouses and you are surrounded by grandchildren that you spoil with your love, kisses, hugs, and time. You get to go on a mission to France or maybe Switzerland and you can go to the temple any day you like because you can, it is your number one song. You get to go running, and paddle boarding, and hiking whenever you want to and you can take naps. You always have fresh flowers in your home and yummy candles. You live in a cul-de-sac with all of your friends and have BBQ's and swim parties and all the wives and husbands get a long. You have a big yard but a not too big house and a garden with fresh herbs growing in it and flowers and some chickens and a french bulldog named Rick. 

It's a hit I tell you. Number one. The longest title of a song ever. But hey....it's my number one song. 

XOXO-The Sunny D because wishes can come true. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


You're looking at the new Jr. High Basketball coach or at least the certificate that says I am qualified to be. It took.....EIGHT hours to complete this. I am not kidding. I wanted Pomp and Circumstance to play when I printed this thing out. Notice it says SUCCESSFULLY completed...... is that like Summa Cum Laude? It has been a lot of fun so far and I get to coach with my Dad which is super cool. The truth is my Dad is pretty much the coach and I am his helper. He's great with the boys and it is fun to see the team play and improve. 

The start of school had my head spinning. I have two kids that have the same drop off time at two different schools. Trying to figure out the best route to school to get everyone where they need to be took some trial and error. By Friday of the first week of school I was frazzled, exhausted, and ready to rest for the weekend. Ellie was watching a show in my bed and said I sat up and yelled, 
"I haven't even eaten anything!"
I was not awake...I was dream talking. If that tells you anything about the state I was in that first week of school. The no carbs, sugar, and fats was hard for this emotional eater. We are all in a race to get out the door no later than 6:50. In our attempts to get Aydan to Highland (the traffic is TERRIBLE) and Ellie to Franklin. She ended up being late for two days. On the third day the student has to go to detention and the pressure she was putting on me along with the teenage girl angsty stares were enough to give anyone anxiety. The second week I only had to drive Ellie and it was much, much easier. This is the third week and I am taking everyone again. I think we may have figured out the secret. Ellie has been early every day and so has Aydan AND we are leaving at 7:00. It has been a much smoother week. 

In my efforts to look prettier and younger and to also basically just get rid of my zits...because who has zits in their 40's? Who? Me. I put Retin-A on my face Sunday night. All was well Monday night until today and my face is literally peeling off. Acne that has happily laid dormant under the surface of my skin has risen to all of its glory and guess what? Picture day is Thursday! What was I thinking? I sent my son to get a teenage facial to help clear up his skin..... I should have stayed for one too!

 The photo packages are pretty funny and expensive! Luckily, I get half price because I am a teacher so I ordered Ellie the DELUXE set with the reflections picture. Every kid needs a reflection picture. I literally can't wait. 

I should show my second graders this picture of me in second grade they would probably love it.  

This is a perfect picture representation of how I feel about unsolicited advice from regular joe people, especially the ones who think they are smarter than everyone else. In truth, I think you'll find that they are the dumbest smart people you may know.  I think unsolicited advice is stupid and people should just worry about themselves. Always. It's annoying. If you ask for advice that's one thing but if people try to tell you what's best...well. See above picture. 


A friend of mine posted on Facebook that she was in a meeting with Bonnie H. Cordon and she said, We should strive to Bless instead of Impress and I really liked that...a lot. I liked that because her intention was to bless...not impress. I think that on social media people are trying to impress you with their best selves and that's cool, but wouldn't it be cooler if we were all working on being a blessing to each other? I don't know I have been thinking about this a lot and how I can apply it in my own home with my people. Am I a blessing? I'm not sure. I mean...I made homemade chicken soup with homemade broth and all fresh veggies for dinner and brownies for my kids. Is that blessing my people? I hope so. Do I do things to try and impress people...gosh, I hope not. To me that is a number one ear marker of insecurity. That is literally as annoying as unsolicited advice. 

But really. What do I know? 

Today was the best we rocked out to seventies music in the kitchen and made dinner. We sang Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of our lungs and played air guitar. We belted Midnight Train to Georgia with Gladys and Rocky Mountain High with John. My life is far from perfection. It is flawed and I make lots of mistakes. I haven't figured it all out and I am still learning EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I am better at listening than telling you what to do and I complain sometimes....more than I should. But I love days like this one. I love jamming out with my kids. I love eating good healthy food. I LOVE that I am not tempted by the hot brownies sitting in my kitchen making my house smell like home. They have M&M's pressed into the top and I made them for the kids lunches tomorrow but there's already a few nibbled corners missing. I love picking my son up from football. I love that he knows I will say yes to drive a friend of his home who doesn't have a ride. I love that Ellie used her Amazon gift card to order a book and she won't take her nose out of it since it arrived in the mail.  Today during some sentence practice my second graders got a full on hearty laugh out of me...head down shoulders shaking. I think I'm really going to love them, in fact, I already do. 

XOXO- Blessings. The Sunny D

Friday, August 2, 2019


The Things I Have Learned This Week

1. Why am I waiting six months at a time to get my hair done? I'll tell you...it's expensive! However, I am learning that I need to do these things for myself because it is worth it to feel pretty. It just is. Every girl wants to feel pretty even forty year old single ladies like myself. So I promise myself to not let my hair go that long. Just like I promised myself that I would wear perfume every day and not just special days because every day is a special day.

2. It is always worth it to spend the money on the concert. OH my live music is my JAM! It is also worth it to be on the front row and with cousins and to sing at the top of your lungs and dance and to secretly video tape each other doing so. Also, there are weird people at concerts like the beady eyed guy who recognized my cousin from the Costco photo center and we all kind of went eeeeerrrrrrrrrrr. side eye. Then I told her he probably saves all of your pictures because your so pretty. Plus, he wouldn't go away. Jimmy Eat World was amazing! Third Eye Blind was amazing as we watched Stephen Jenkins hot sauce 54 year old self look at us look at him. I mean eye contact for sure..we could see his smudged eye liner, that is how close we were.  Plus, he taught us the theatrical and very effective way to snap. He perfected the snap for sure. We all needed that night. Because adulting my friends......is not easy. 

Yup. There we are in the yellow circle. A really great show. Make time for fun, that's what I learned. 

3. Work life balance is a myth. It is not true. This week work dominated my life and the scales tippppped way in the work favor. I realized that at work if I am not eighteen steps ahead of the game I feel behind. However, I am NOT behind. It's just when you have all of these plates in the air and if one just wibbly wobbly drops the whole thing just comes crashing down. So I like to be ahead of that especially in my classroom. I also inadvertently volunteered to be the Jr. High Boys Basketball coach. Which is eyebrow raising since I don't actually know how to play any basketball besides the game of horse. Luckily, my Dad is going to help me at the practices, so every little things gonna be alright. Meet the teacher was last night and what fun that is! My room is colorful and happy. I have a big cute rainbow on my front window with the kids names on it. I think rainbows are magical and so is second grade. It is going to be an amazing year! 

4. I learned that hunger is like pain. After you have surgery or a baby and are in the hospital they tell you to stay ahead of the pain so it doesn't become so unbearable and hard to manage. As, I have been cleaning up my eating I have learned that if I do not stick to my schedule and go too long without eating I am susceptible to making not great choices. It is like the hunger is so big you'll eat anything. So I stocked my mini fridge at school with all the good, healthy, REAL food I can eat and cold water. It has helped me to stay on track. I learned a hard lesson I was in my room and eating an orange when Steve started to cry...so I shared my orange with him but then I didn't have anything else to eat. I mean I just can't say no to a six year old geriatric guinea pig. Could you? 

I mean...he is the cutest little thing. He's grown on me I was afraid of him at first plus he smelled. Now he gets baths and eats my oranges. Steve and I have come a long way. 

5. Classrooms have their own distinct smell. My new classroom that I moved into smells like....patchouli musk. There is this musty smell mixed with this man smell that I can't figure out. I have a wax burner with strawberry lemonade wax melts in there but now it just smells like patchouli lemonade musk. I am learning that as hard as you try the classroom smell is here to stay. 

XOXO- Just try your best, do everything you can....The Sunny D

Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Sunny D, She's Back

My nephew Graham and his cute cast...Ellie helping him up the slide at Chick-fil-A.

I return to my classroom this Wednesday. It will be a new to me classroom in a different hall but closer to the bathroom so that's a huge plus for me! I am still teaching second grade and I have been in my room once or twice week all of July from 2-7 hours trying to organize it and get it ready and fresh for my new set of students. I love being in my classroom and I am excited for this next year. It is bittersweet though as I have enjoyed this summer so much. It wasn't a fancy summer. I didn't run any crazy races...well not since the last one that I broke my tailbone! I didn't travel to any distant countries as I love to do. I did do some important things though which made this summer meaningful and special to me. 

Annual Rocky Point Trip with Heather. All the heart eyes. We never get to see each other and so it is so fun to do what we love to do....be at the beach.

Three glorious days in California. Surf lessons, paddle boarding, going to the temple together, and museums. Perfection. 

I cleaned and scrubbed and organized. My kids helped to patch the little nail holes in the wall and touch up paint. We even painted the baseboards and a fresh coat of paint to a few doors. 

We got new flooring put in. It is so beautiful. The kids were both HUGE helpers. Aydan hanging the curtain... It isn't quite done yet downstairs. I ordered a new sectional and it should be here soon. 

The kids had a great summer with friends, at camps, and Aydan went to EFY. 

New classroom, new theme. Ellie came to help.....and ended up using supplies to make forky. 

I did a lot of work to get my health in check cutting carbs, sugars, and fats was really hard but I feel so good. My doctor was able to pin point a deficit in my hormones which as causing major exhaustion. I feel like myself again. 
Each week I tried to make it to my favorite place whether it was with my children, friends, ministering sister, or by myself. I love the temple. 

Spent some quality time with these little nuggets...they loved the ice cream cone.

Books were read, podcasts were devoured, Netflix was watched, naps were had, healthy food was eaten, twenty pounds was lost, children were loved, old friends were reconnected, and the Sunny D got her mojo back. 

XOXO-The Sunny D